AWESOME laser-cut accessories. A bit of a backlash against the picture-perfect Instalifestyle we're all supposed to lead - full of lush succulents, craft gin, inflatable flamingos and the like. If you've ever killed a pot plant, effed up a flat lay, or secretly sneered at all the insta-trendies, we are here for you!


Claire (left) and Liz (right) met in 2016 and hit it off instantly, bonding over their shared hatred of all things fake  or cliched in the online world.

Claire is an illustrator and graphic designer. Liz is a self-confessed 'Fickle Crafter' and craft events manager. 

Both are based in Hertfordshire and London, and both are fabulous.




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Created 2017 by False Friends. Please do not copy or we will cut you.

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